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Panel: Teamsters at Disney World violated labor law

A federal labor panel has upheld most of a judge's ruling that a Teamsters union representing some Disney World workers committed an unfair labor practice when it ignored members' requests to resign from the union

Starbucks’ CEO Thinks Sales Are Down Because…

The instagram likes you might get from posting a unicorn frappuccino are apparently not as good as skinny feels. Susana Victoria Perez has more.

Chris Hardwick And The Scrutiny Of The Nerd…

Actor and television host Chris Hardwick denies the allegations against him.

House Passes Farm Bill With Controversial Food…

The bill was rejected last month after conservative Republicans sided with Democrats to block it.

Selena Gomez FINALLY REACTS To Justin Bieber…

For more Bieber updates: Selena Gomez has finally commented on Justin being with Hailey and its brilliant!

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Ichiro Suzuki Dons Fake Mustache in Seattle Dugout

Ichiro Suzuki was spotted on the Seattle Mariners bench wearing a fake mustache and a hoodie during Thursday's game against the Yankees.

These Slices of Human Brains Revealed an…

It's not a we-figured-it-out moment, but it may be a clue. Scientists have discovered that two highly common herpes viruses tend to be present in an "increased" way in the brains of people who suffered from Alzheimer's, according to a study published Thursday in Neuron of nearly 1,000 postmortem...

Trapped campers, swimming bears in Montana as…

Helicopters have rescued people stranded by flooding in Texas and Montana, including 140 children and counselors stuck in a mountain bible camp for two days

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Intel CEO out after consensual relationship with…

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich out after consensual relationship with employee

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Orlando International Airport to scan faces of US…

Florida's busiest airport is becoming the first one in the nation to require all passengers on arriving and departing international flights, including U.S. citizens, to submit to a face scan

Report: Uber driver streaming "The Voice" just…

An Arizona police report says the human backup driver in an Uber autonomous SUV was streaming "The Voice" on Hulu just before the vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in March

Grocery chain apologizes to black man banned from store

A black man who was told not to return to a Maine grocery store when he questioned whether he and his wife were being treated unfairly due to race has received an apology by the store

Mother charged with murder in 2016 death of 4-year-old son

A 29-year-old Chicago woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of her 4-year-old son two years ago

Scientists Warn A Huge Solar Storm Could Send Us…

Experts warn that a solar storm the size of the one a hundred and fifty years ago, could plunge the world into chaos. Tony Spitz has the details.

House GOP Threatens To Hold Top Law Enforcement…

House Republicans gave the Justice Department and the FBI until Friday to cooperate with their document requests.

Kim Kardashian RETURNS To Paris After ROBBERY!

For more celebrity news: Kim Kardashian has finally returned to Paris since her traumatic incident two years ago! Do you guys have any idea WHY their attendance in Paris, especially Kims is such a big deal?

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Twitter Goes Crazy Over Adrian Wojnarowski's…

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski had to find different ways to avoid violating the network's agreement with the NBA not to tip draft picks before they were announced on live television.

Summer camp illness sends 33 kids, 3 adults to hospital

Authorities say 33 children and three adults were taken to a two hospitals after falling ill during a summer camp in Florida

TV weather presenters don ties to highlight global warming

TV weather presenters around the world have teamed up to highlight the impact of climate change by wearing ties, pendants and badges with "warming stripes" while on air